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Summer Driving Safety Tips
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Summer Driving Safety Tips

Summer may seem like the perfect time of year for motoring, as the roads are generally dry and most journeys take place while the sun is still out. However, there are challenges you may not have considered, as illustrated below.


Hot conditions can exacerbate any issue with your car’s coolant system, increasing the chance of a failure. Keep an eye on the coolant fluid level and check the pipes for wet patches or white staining, which are signs of damage. You should also check that the fan is working properly by letting the car sit idle for five to ten minutes after a normal journey, to see if it automatically cuts in.


Warm weather can also cause tyres to deteriorate more quickly, particularly if there is existing damage. Check the tyre pressure and their overall condition before setting off on a longer journey, as any cuts, tears or bulges increase the risk of a dangerous puncture.

Driver fatigue

Prevent fatigue by making sure you have plenty of drinking water on board, and that the air conditioning system is working properly. It’s also worthwhile to take frequent short breaks during longer trips rather than one long stop.

Sun glare

Glare from the sun when it’s low in the sky causes many accidents, so be sure to carry a pair of sunglasses in the car at all times. Lenses which darken in strong sunlight should be avoided, and any smears on either side of the windscreen should also be cleared completely as these can catch the sun and impair your vision.

Travel disruption

Pleasant weather typically brings more people out onto the road, which means a greater chance of encountering delays. To help avoid them, plan your trip well in advance, keeping an eye on traffic news for reports of disruption. It would be wise to plan a second route that avoids motorways too, so you can reach your destination in good time.



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